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Daily tips on Livestock animal

Keep children away from animals and livestock handling areas. Respect animals-their size and bulk make them potentially dangerous. Provide special facilities for male animals. Be cautious when working around male animals-they are more aggressive by nature.  


Many injuries to livestock and farm personnel are related to poor facilities, housekeeping and/or faulty equipment. Irregular surfaces and cluttered walkways present numerous opportunities for slip, trip and fall accidents. These tips will provide conditions to help reduce injuries: • Concrete flooring with a rough finish to provide firmer footing. • Good drainage and slatted floors help prevent slipping. • Grooved walkways in high traffic areas provide better footing. • Strong, durable fencing and gates securely contain livestock. • Sharp, protruding objects must be removed to avoid puncture wounds. • Lighting should be even because shadows cast by uneven lighting tend to frighten animals. • Alleys and chutes should be wide enough for animals to pass through but not wide enough to turn around. Good housekeeping is also essential for personal safety, and the health and safety of your livestock.